U.S. President Donald Trump set for a 11 day Asian visit

US President Donald trump will travel to five Asian countries in November to participate in regional summits, the White house has announced.

The 11 day trip includes visit to Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines and the US state of Hawaii.

The president’s engagements will strengthen the international resolve to confront the North Korean threat”, the White House statement said.

Both countries have locked horns in recent months with no possible end in sight.

President trump is expected to take up key issues regarding the Asian continent.

North Korea

The rogue nation’s recent nuclear test has escalated the crisis in the region leading to its total isolation. Despite this, the Country has vowed to continue with its nuclear program.

Both President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un have engaged in back to back threats followed by Trump’s speech at the UN General assembly.

One of the key mission of Trump’s visit is to further strengthen its fight against the North Korea and to rally the country’s neighbors including China in leading and containing the threat posed by Pyongyang.


The withdrawal of US from TPP has left opened the trade channels and the US seeks to establish and strengthen multi-lateral trade relations with the Asian Nations.

Trump visit is expected to ease the worries of member of TPP union and strengthen trade relations with them.

South China Sea

Territorial Disputes has escalated in the regions pitting smaller nations in the region against China.

Clash of sailors with Chinese military vessels have created a great deal of sensitivities in the region as a clear cut border is yet to be finalized.

Countries like Japan and the Philippines are expected to take up the issue with the US and Trump hopes to have a balancing dialogue on the same.

Besides these major agendas Mr. trump is also expected to attend the ASEAN summit in Manita. It was earlier rumored that he might skip the summit. He is also expected to meet the Philippines president Duterte whom he was engaged in a war of words.

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