UEC Completes Bench Tests of VK-2500P Engine That Will Power Modernized Mi-28NM Attack Helicopter

United Engine Corporation (UEC), part of Russia’s Rostec State Corporation, has completed bench tests of the VK-2500P engine, which will be installed on the latest Mi-28NM Night Hunter attack helicopter.

VK-2500P is the most advanced modification of the Klimov VK-2500 turboshaft engine, which is installed on many Mil (Mi) and Kamov (Ka) family helicopters and has improved characteristics. The power plant has a modernized automatic control system and a protective system that restores the normal operation of the engine when it stops, when powder and exhaust gases get in and when surge occurs.

According to a Rostec statement, the modernization of the engine was carried out taking into account the experience of using the Mi-28 attack helicopters in Syria. The statement added that the new power plant fully complies with the declared characteristics and is ready for mass production.

“The engine implements solutions that allow you to control the resource characteristics depending on specific operating conditions. In terms of its technical capabilities and performance, VK-2500P meets the most modern requirements for helicopter engines. Currently, we have already started assembling the first serial samples,” said Alexander Vatagin, the executive director of JSC UEC-Klimov.

The ceremonial presentation of the act of state bench tests took place in St. Petersburg with the participation of members of the city government, representatives of the JSC UEC-Klimov, and the state commission of the Ministry of Defense for bench tests of the VK-2500P engine.

The Mi-28NM is produced by the Russian Helicopters holding company, which is also part of Rostec. The modernized “Night Hunter” is a combat complex, in the development of which the experience of using helicopters in real operations was taken into account.

The helicopter is capable of performing a wide range of tasks – from aerial reconnaissance and target designation to the destruction of ground and air targets.

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