UK, France Call for Fresh Ideas in Missile Technologies

The MCM ITP programme is launching the Innovation Call research activities for 2020 on emerging and low TRL technologies and innovations with potential value in missile systems.

UK and FR Industry, SMEs, research institutes and academia are encouraged to participate. This call is open to organisations that have been involved in the MCM ITP Programme previously and those that are new to the Programme.

The Innovation Call is open to proposals from individual organisations and/or collaborative proposals (via a lead proposer). Single-nation or joint UK / FR proposals are welcome.

This Innovation Call is interested in relatively small-scale, short duration research activities – and aims to identify and support high potential, innovative ideas and technologies to support the missile system capabilities of the future. Research topics relevant to the MCM ITP Technical Domains (as listed above) are welcome – but we are also interested in any potentially ground-breaking, disruptive and innovative ideas and areas of research that could be relevant. These may include areas that are being pursued in other industries and have the potential for direct read-across.

The MCM ITP (Materials and Components for Missiles, Innovation and Technology Partnership) is a UK MoD and DGA sponsored research fund, headed by MBDA and open to all British and French companies and Academic Institutions.

The MCM ITP funds proposals from Industry, SMEs and Academia on an annual cycle with the aim of developing novel, exploitable technologies for generation-after-next missile systems.

Our strategy is to strengthen the technological base, allow for better understanding of common future needs and challenges.


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