Umoe Mandal, Kongsberg to Cooperate on Life Extension of Royal Norwegian Navy Skjold-Class Corvettes

Umoe Mandal AS and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace have agreed to cooperate on the life time extension of Royal Norwegian Navy’s Skjold-class coastal corvettes.

On May 29th, the Norwegian Government presented a proposal to speed up the life time extension of the coastal corvettes. This is an initiative that will enable increased activity in the Norwegian maritime industry.

In collaboration with a significant number of suppliers from the Norwegian maritime industry, UMOE and KONGSBERG offers modern technology to increase military capabilities, and a more sustainable and cost efficient operation of the vessel. The life time extension of the coastal corvettes will take place at the ship yard in Mandal, Norway in close cooperation with KONGSBERG and other suppliers.

“This life time extension project confirms our close and long-term collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces, and maintains the unique capabilities of the vessels. This project will also secure employment in a demanding time for the industry”, says Tom Svennevig, CEO of Umoe Mandal.

Umoe Mandal has constructed and build the Skjold-class coastal corvettes for the Norwegian Armed Forces, and KONGSBERG has been a key supplier of the combat system, and the integration of sub-systems.

“We welcome the government’s proposal to speed up the Skjold-Class upgrade, and consider this to be an important contribution to the Norwegian defence industry in these challenging times. We look forward to this collaboration that challenges us to find efficient solutions and develop technology that will have a positive impact on our nation’s defence capabilities. We also see this as an opportunity to maintain and secure employment in the Norwegian industry”, says Eirik Lie, President of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS.

Skjold-Class Corvettes

Skjold-class corvettes (skjold means “shield” in Norwegian) are a class of six large, superfast, stealth missile corvettes in service with the Royal Norwegian Navy.

The boats were formerly classed as MTBs (motor torpedo boats) but, from 2009, the Royal Norwegian Navy has described them as corvettes (korvett) because their seaworthiness is seen as comparable to corvettes, and because they do not carry torpedoes.

With a maximum speed of 60 knots (110 km/h), the Skjold-class corvettes were the fastest combat ships afloat at the time of their introduction.

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