Urban Aeronautics upgrades AirMule with new propellers

Israeli manufacturer Urban Aeronautics is testing its AirMule vertical take-off and landing unmanned air system with new propellers to enhance its capabilities.

It has replaced the UAV’s previous four-blade propellers with new six-blade composite versions.

The new rotors retain the diameter of the originals and operate at the same RPM, but are expected to increase the aircraft’s payload by approximately 200kg (440lb).

In a parallel effort, Urban Aeronautics is accelerating the assembly of a second AirMule prototype in preparation for a series of demonstration flights requested by potential customers.

The second prototype is intended primarily as a reserve aircraft to ensure uninterrupted flight testing once customer demonstrations, planned for mid-2014, are underway.

Read more at: http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/urban-aeronautics-upgrades-airmule-with-new-propellers-385918/

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