U.S. Navy Cruiser USS Shiloh Launches SM-2 Missile During Live-Fire Exercise

The U.S. Navy Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Shiloh (CG 67) has launched a Standard Missile 2 (SM-2) telemetry surface-to-air missile (SAM) while conducting a live-fire exercise in the Philippine Sea on March 19.

Shiloh is currently forward deployed to the U.S. 7th Fleet area of operations “in support of security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region”.

The Standard Missile-2 is the world’s premier fleet-area air defense weapon, providing superior anti-air warfare (AAW) and limited anti-surface warfare (ASuW) capability against advanced anti-ship missiles (AShMs) and aircraft out to 90 nautical miles.

The SM-2 missile is an integral part of a layered defense that protects some of the world’s important naval assets and gives warfighters a greater reach in the battlespace.

SM-2 Block IIIA and IIIB missile features

• Advanced semi-active radar seeker technologies in both continuous wave and interrupted continuous wave guidance modes
• Tail controls and solid rocket motor propulsion to engage the world’s advanced high-speed maneuvering threats at tactically significant ranges
• SM-2 Block IIIB enhances the IIIA’s existing superior capabilities by adding autonomous infrared acquisition
• High-technology active radar target detection device and directional warhead to ensure successful destruction of the target

Both SM-2 missile variants have successfully intercepted targets and are lethal against subsonic, supersonic, low- and high- altitude, high-maneuvering, diving, sea-skimming, anti-ship cruise missiles fighters, bombers and helicopters in an advanced electronic countermeasures environment.

The SM-2 missile has extensive area- and self-defense flight test history with more than 2,700 successful flight tests from domestic and international ships.

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