USAF F-35A Lightning II Stealth Jets Make Debut at ILA Berlin Air Show

Two U.S. Air Force F-35A Lightning II stealth fighter jets assigned to the 61st Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Wing, participated in the 2018 ILA Berlin Air and Trade Show in Berlin, Germany.

The fifth generation jets landed in Berlin on April 20 as part of the United States delegation for the Air Show. The F-35 logged its longest non-stop flight to date, lasting just over 11 hours before touching down in Germany for the first time, a testament to the men and women who maintain and operate the F-35.

The aircraft were on public display from Wednesday, April 25 through Sunday, April 29. The 56th FW said in a statement that the participation in the ILA Berlin promotes standardization and interoperability of equipment with NATO allies and other potential coalition partners, highlighting the strength of the U.S. commitment to the security of Europe.

The lead aircraft was piloted by Capt. Andrew Olson, F-35 Heritage Flight Team commander and pilot. The F-35 Heritage Flight Team is comprised of one pilot and 12 maintainers, all stationed at Luke AFB. The F-35 Heritage Flight Team is scheduled to take part in 13 air shows during the 2018 season providing an extraordinary opportunity for the public to see the F-35 first-hand and learn about the skill and precision of America’s Airmen.

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