USS Abraham Lincoln Supports HST CSG During their COMPTUEX Work-Up Cycle

The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) is supporting the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group (HST CSG) during their composite training unit exercise (COMPTUEX) work-up cycle, this week, Feb. 25- March 2.

COMPTUEX is a month-long exercise designed to fully integrate the carrier strike group and test its ability to carry out combat operations at sea. Every warfare area will be tested through simulated and live events, including air warfare, strait transits and responses to surface and submarine attacks.

Abraham Lincoln’s Combat Systems, Operations, and Intelligence Department are playing a vital role in assisting HST CSG simulate real-world situations throughout the exercise.

“We are practicing our ability to have multiple Carrier Strike Group staffs operating together in the maritime environment,” said Cmdr. Terry Menteer, Combat Directions Center officer.

That opportunity to interoperate with HST CSG provides training for Abraham Lincoln Sailors as well.

“In theory, we are underway with them,” said Chief Electronics Technician Damien Pauline, a Combat Systems Department divisional leading chief petty officer. “We’re simulating being at war, and we will use the ship’s self-defense system to come up with an action plan on how to respond to the simulations.”

The type of simulations COMPTUEX trains for may not necessarily be present during Abraham Lincoln’s routine operations.

“We’re building experience in some of our junior Sailors,” said Cyrptologic Technician (Technical) 1st Class Haley Matthews, a Sailor assigned to Abraham Lincoln’s Intelligence Department. For us, helping another CSG in their COMPTUEX is about building that important experience and building the confidence in our Sailors.”

Abraham Lincoln isn’t slated to begin its COMPTUEX until later this year, but training with HST CSG will prepare Lincoln Sailors for the future.

“Helping in these scenarios, we’re preparing for our own deployment,” said Matthews. “It’s nerve-racking, but also very exciting.”

COMPTUEX is the last stage of pre-deployment workups for HST CSG, finishing more than seven months of training to ensure USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) is ready to deploy. Abraham Lincoln’s help with completing the exercise will certify Truman as a deployment-ready ship that will take on operations overseas.

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