USS Germantown Conducts Stern Gate Marriage

USS Germantown (LSD 42) conducted a stern gate marriage with a Landing Craft Utility (LCU) vehicle from Navy Beach Unit 7 (NBU-7) as part of her certifying events on Jan. 18.

Members of LCU 1631 participated in the training event which included Well Deck Cargo Handling. This was the first amphibious operation for Germantown in over 14 months following a Drydock Ship Restricted Availability (DSRA). Germantown successfully completed the event, and was able to continue to the next phase of the certification cycle – well on her way to becoming a deployable asset in the Pacific Theater.

“This was a great training evolution for our crew,” said Lt Desmond Stapleton, the ship’s First Lieutenant. “Deck department has over 75% turn over since last float, and I am excited with how everything is going so far. I know we are up for all the challenges to come.”

USS Germantown (LSD-42) is the second Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship in the United States Navy. She is the second navy ship named after the Revolutionary War Battle of Germantown.

Germantown was the first ship in the class to serve in the Pacific. The amphibious ship’s mission is to project power ashore by transporting and launching amphibious craft and vehicles loaded with embarked Marines in support of an amphibious assault.

The ship was designed specifically to operate with Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) vessels.
She has the largest capacity for these landing craft (four) of any US Navy amphibious platform.

Germantown is assigned to Amphibious Squadron 11 and is currently in the final phase of a Ship Restricted Availability in Sasebo, Japan.

Ensign Cynthia B. Nestor, USS Germantown

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