UTAS, KAES Hanwha to Provide Main Electric Power Generation System for KAI KF-X Advanced Multirole Fighter Jet

UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS), a unit of United Technologies Corp. (UTC), announced that it has signed a contract with KAES Hanwha to provide the main electric power generation system (MEPGS) to Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) for its KF-X advanced multirole fighter jet.

Under the agreement, KAES Hanwha and UTC Aerospace Systems will design, develop and produce the MEPGS.

“Through our agreement, KAES Hanwha and UTC Aerospace Systems will provide KAI with a best-in-class electric power generation system with unmatched performance,” said Electric, Environmental and Engine Systems President Tim White. “The system’s VSCF generator is designed to be the most reliable and efficient in the military aerospace industry, and may have commercial applications down the road. We’re proud to support the KF-X program and continue to build on our longstanding relationship with KAI.”

The MEPGS will include UTC Aerospace Systems’ newest, state-of-the-art variable speed constant frequency (VSCF) generator—the first new VSCF generator for the military aerospace market in more than a decade. KF-X will be the first platform to host the new VSCF generator, which is designed to achieve an order of magnitude improvement over the industry average in operational reliability.

Compared to UTC Aerospace Systems’ existing VSCF generators flying today, the new generator is also 10 percent more power dense and more efficient, with the new design continuously producing 65 kilowatts of power at a constant 400 Hertz frequency. The generator has an integrally packaged converter and control unit that electronically converts the variable speed output of the generator into the desired constant frequency output power.

In addition to the MEPGS, UTC Aerospace Systems is under contract with KAI to provide the fighter’s complete environmental control system—including air conditioning, bleed air control and cabin pressurization and liquid cooling—along with the aircraft’s air turbine starter and flow control valve. UTC Aerospace Systems already provides the complete environmental control system, air turbine starter and airframe mounted accessory drive for KAI’s T-50 trainer, along with multiple systems for the TA-50 and FA-50 light attack variants.

KAI aims to manufacture more than 100 KF-X fighters for the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF). Production deliveries are expected to commence in the mid-2020s.

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