Yugoimport unveils new weapon systems at Partner 2017

      Serbian state-owned manufacturer Yugoimport has unveiled  new weapon systems at the Partner 2017 military exhibition in Belgrade this week. The weapon systems unveiled were Sumadija multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) and Aleksandar 155mm wheeled self-propelled gun (SPG).

      Sumadija is a modular system on a Tatra 8×8 truck that is armed with four tubes capable of firing Jerina 1 and Jerina 2 rockets. The Jerina 1 is a 400 mm INS/GPS-guided missile with a range of 285 km and 200-kg warhead while Jerina 2 is a 267 mm unguided rocket with a range of 75 km and 110 kg warhead.

Yugoimport Sumadija MLRS at Partner 2017

      The MGS-25 Aleksandar is a fully automated 155mm SPG that the company claims having “high levels of autonomy”. Based on the 155mm/52-calibre NORA B-52 wheeled SPG, the Aleksandar benefits from a fully automated shell loading system.

      Both systems attracted considerable interest at the Belgrade event.

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