Russia’s ZALA AERO Unveils New ZALA 421-16EV VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

ZALA AERO, part of Russia’s JSC Kalashnikov Concern, has developed a new ZALA 421-16EV multipurpose vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The ZALA 421-16EV HD features a unique adaptive system for using the aerodynamic properties of UAV in all flight modes. It was developed as a “VTOL” type – a hybrid of UAV aircraft and helicopter types. A unique advantage of this model is the ability of vertical take-off and landing, carried out in a fully automatic mode. Further duplicate security systems make this model highly reliable.

ZALA 421-16EV
ZALA 421-16EV multipurpose vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by ZALA AERO, part of Russia’s JSC Kalashnikov Concern.

The new unmanned ZALA 421-16EV HD system combines the latest scientific and technical developments of the company – it broadcasts the video stream in HD quality (1280*720), which allows the ground station operator to examine the streaming video in the detail.

Before being going into serial production, the complex had passed both factory tests and successfully proved itself in the fieldwork, proving itself to representatives of the experts of the companies of the fuel and energy complex.

The ZALA 421-16EV UAV model has practically unlimited capabilities and has vast potential for monitoring and aerial photography of inaccessible areas and areal objects. UAV is easy to operate, light, can be operated in the air for 2 hours, while having a cruising speed of up to 110 km\h, but the main advantage is the absence catapult launching with no longer requiring launching and landing area.

The combination of the unique advantages of an unmanned aircraft, both helicopter and aircraft type, makes the ZALA 421-16EV UAV a representative of the new era in the development of unmanned aircraft.

ZALA AERO is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of unmanned airborne systems, unique target loads and other technical means to secure their application. Since January 2015, ZALA AERO is part of JSC Kalashnikov Concern which is in turn part of Russia’s Rostec State Corporation.

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